Our Mission

We offer accessible, quality supplies for self-sufficiency, especially those that would otherwise be difficult or inconvenient to source. We offer a continuum of learning options, creating consistently awesome introductory content while tapping into a network of specialists to help people take their skills to higher levels. We forge alliances with grassroots organizations that promote self-sufficiency and sustainability through education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring self-sufficiency into the mainstream. We envision a world in which the way things are made is alive in the public's consciousness. We see a greater connection between ourselves, our neighbours, and the products we consume, and from that connection a society of greater understanding, dialogue, and sustainability. We don't imagine that every family will have it's own small farm, but we do imagine that every person will have a friend that is a farmer, and every child will grow up with a basic understanding of where food comes from. Let's get there together!

Upcoming Workshops