Permanently closed


Sorry folks, you heard it right: we're closed for good. Thanks for all your support over the years!

I'm now working full time at a real job and so I regret I will not be able to continue responding to your questions. I've removed the email contact form from this site to avoid confusion. Our company phone will ring to an unmonitored answering service. The site will remain live, for now, so the content (blog, how-to guides, etc) can continue to be a resource, but we are not selling products or organizing workshops at present.

If and when I have time, I'll use this site to let folks know about projects I think might interest former Homestead Junction customers - e.g. workshop series relating to self-sufficiency or DIY. 

There is some possibility that we'll offer a new workshop program in the future, but for now I have other things on my plate. Any announcements will come via our mailing list and social media.

Our retail storefront is available for sub-lease. It’s about 1750sq feet and we’re offering it as retail space on a weekly or monthly basis.. We have the space until 2021 so could also sub-let to a brand new retail store! Contact for details and availability.

Finally, here are answers to some common questions I've been receiving by email:

"Where can I buy X?"
Chicken feed- Mark's on Commercial Drive, or drive to Surrey for straw and other supplies.
Beekeeping supplies- many good local options, we recommend in North Vancouver.
Candlemaking stuff- in Burnaby. Same goes for pine resin for beeswax food wraps - they sell damar resin for encaustic painting, which some people use as a pine substitute. 
Fermenting crocks- Colwood House of Nutrition in Victoria has the best local stock we're aware of.
Cheesemaking supplies- Canada has several online suppliers. I prefer Gourmet Warehouse on Hastings also increasingly sells basic stuff like rennet, molds and cultures.
Sausage and charcuterie supplies- Stuffers in Langley
Soapmaking, essential oils, skin care supplies- My go-to is voyageur soap and candle company In Surrey I think. Many other places to buy essential oils in Vancouver if you're not cost sensitive.
Books on homesteading, etc- Check out Banyen Books in Kitsilano if you haven't already.
Canning supplies- in Burnaby sells All-American pressure canners and other great stuff.
Homebrew supplies- Dan's Homebrewing Supply right on Hastings is great For more advanced equipment and lab supplies there's no beating in Burnaby.
Sorry if I'm missing any great local suppliers - this is just off the top of my head.

"Where can I take a workshop on X?"
Check out Village Vancouver, the tool library, MakerLabs, and local retailers. From time to time I'll highlight programs on this site. Otherwise, google it and good luck.

"How can I contact person X?"
Many of you are curious how to contact instructors in our network. Most can be found with a simple google search.