POSTPONED: Salty Brine Fermentation Fair! March 17, 2016 13:42 1 Comment

Salty Brine Fermentation Fair

***UPDATE May 11, 2016***

We are sad to announce the Salty Brine Fermentation Fair is postponed until further notice. Unlikely timing would have it that new Vancouver Coastal Health food policies were put in place during the organizing of this event, which caused a bunch of hiccups and ultimately, many of our vendors were not accepted. VCH is apologetic for the confusion and has offered their time to guide us through the application process when we re-submit our application. So with that, we apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience, as we know a lot of folks were hoping to make it out to this event.


Fermentation is one of the oldest known food preservation techniques which, to this day, continues to be practiced by cultures all over the world. Even here in Vancouver, many of our favorite foods are fermented, like cheeses, kimchi, many types of tea, chocolate, and of course, beer. We want to celebrate this age-old aging process by bringing together diverse fermentation enthusiasts and food lovers, and give tribute to the probiotic relationships that have existed in our guts since the beginning of human time.

Come celebrate with us, and meet local fermenters! There will be workshops, demonstrations, a speaker’s panel, and of course, lots of delicious, locally fermented eats for sale!

For vendors interested in tabling at this event, please send your application to with the following information:

-what you plan on selling at the event
-a list of ingredients
-FoodSafe and/or  MarketSafe Certificates (not mandatory, but awesome if you’ve got ‘em)
-PH test results (if applicable, see Vancouver Coast Health Guidelines for details)
-If you plan on supplying your own table, please send us the dimensions

*Note: It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide documents that support risk-assessment of their products if requested by a local Health Authority.

Vendor registration is $30 if you are bringing your own table, or $35 if you request we supply you a table. Tables should be around the range of 4ft long x 2 ft deep.

Application deadline is Thursday, April 14 by midnight.