Upcycled Burlap Hanging Planter May 18, 2016 08:35

DIY Burlap Hanging Planter! Fits right into a patio or cozy backyard garden.

Guest blog by Denise Corcoran! Check out more of her clever ideas and happenings at Thrifty By Design.  

finished burlap planters
Summer is coming and everyone’s getting their garden in gear. No matter the size of your garden or skill of your gardener - this DIY is a fun, simple and useful way to add greenery or greens to your home.

Plan to put aside 2-3 hours one sunny afternoon to get crafty! Feel free to switch up the steps, supplies or greenery. And think about adding some style to your planter with upcycled jewelry, repurposed hardware or other details.

twine for burlap hanging baskets
What you’ll need for this project:

- burlap - source out a free sac from your local coffee roaster. My go to place is Agro Cafe on Clark Drive;
- a plant liner - I used a 12” liner from my local hardware store;
- a wire hanger;
- hemp;
- rope or sisel;
- a darning needle;
- pliers;
- scissors;
- pins or stapler;
- chalk or Sharpie;
- clear tape (optional);
- potting soil;
- flowers or herbs from your local nursery or trimmings from a friend’s garden.

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies we’re ready to get crafty! First lay the burlap sac flat then place the plant liner on top. Fold the plant liner in half. You want to trace 2” from the curved edge of the liner. This is to create a seam for the hanger.

When you’ve traced around one side then flip the liner over and trace the other curved edge.
tracing the planter

Now connect the two traces together to create an oval. Once you have a full oval then cut the burlap.

cut out burlap in shape of planter

Next add box pleats to the burlap - this is to create the bowl shape the plant liner sits in. Use pins or a stapler to create the bowl and hold the box pleats in place. Adjust as needed to fit loosely around the plant liner.

Note: leave a space between the folds so the opening isn't too narrow for the insert.

pin burlap into basket shape

Next thread the darning needle with hemp. Hemp is the perfect 'thread' for stitching the burlap. Sew a seam 1" to 2" in from the edge - this is to hold the folds in place.

start to sew basket with jute twine

Stitch all the way around then stitch again so you end up with a solid line of stitching.

continuing to sew burlap with twine

Once you've added the seam then prep the wire hanger. Take it apart then create a wire circle - this is for the opening of the hanging planter. If using a 12" plant liner you may need to trim the wire by 1" or 2".

wire rim for basket

Turn the burlap inside out then bring the top through the wire hanger circle. Fold the edge of the burlap over the wire circle and pin. We're now adding a stitch to keep the wire circle in place. Whip stitch the burlap to hand sew through the two pieces of burlap while keeping the wire in the centre.

Note: A whip stitch is an easy way to not only finish the edges but to stitch the wire hanger in place. I found spacing the stitches 1/4" to 1/2" apart was perfect!

finishing rim of basket around wire

Once you've added the whip stitch around the top, turn the burlap planter inside in again. Now insert the plant liner and we're ready to add hangers! You can use sisal, rope or you can braid burlap for the hangers. The length of rope depends on how long you want your hangers.

Use the end of your scissors to create a hole in the threading of the burlap. Don't cut the burlap just enlarge a space in the threading.

make a hole without cutting

Tape the ends of the rope so it doesn't fray - plus it's easier to pull though the hole this way. Pull the rope through.

Note: I pulled the ends through two different holes then pulled them through the loop. Feel free to experiment with different knots, different ways to hang your planter.

looped twine around wire for hanging

Do the same with another rope on the other side. Then tie all the ends into one big knot at the top for hanging.

Note: I would try 2 ropes and if needed add 2 more. The 4 ropes should be evenly distributed around the hanger opening so the planter hangs evenly.

looped twine tied at top

Now you're ready to fill the planter. Add potting soil and fertilizer...

potting mix in

Then dig holes for the plants and insert them into the holes. Massage the soil around your plants. Add more soil as needed.

Feel free to buy from your local nursery or use trimmings from a friend’s garden. I scavenged herbs from my parents’ garden for my planter.

scavenged herbs

Once you're done then hang and water the planter.

planted burlap basket

That’s it - you’re done! The hand-stitching takes a bit of time but it's worth it!

planted and beautiful burlap hanging basket

Now it's time to give these to their forever homes. Yay for crafty love!

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Update from HJX: Thanks for the awesome planters!