DIY Mending for them Holey Sock Soles: A Web Comic May 24, 2016 15:21

“Oh no my socks!!!?”

It's so heartbreaking when your favorite socks get holes in them.

What do you do?

My answer: mend them!

A Wounded Sock:

Holey Sock

Unholy Sock:

Regular unholey sock

At this point, it's time to start mending…

[If you don't have it in you to mend, or your mending pile is too big and you don't want to, never fear, you can always ditch the mending and pair up non-holey mix-matched socks and call it a day. Or do some sort of alternative sock craft, but my blog is about sock mending today so I'm going to get back on topic.]


You'll need 1 needle. There are many different sizes, and they all have different purposes, and we could be really detailed about it; but at the end of the day, if you like your needle, it's not broken, and you can see it, it's good to use!

You'll need some thread. Color and style of your choice. Obviously with thread too, you can get all different kinds for various purposes; but if your sock mending pile is growing, just use what you've got, and you can always change it later.

If you mend a lot, your socks will be like rainbows, and that's a simple kind of joy right there. Or you can get a repair kit like this one and have all the colors. Again, it's your choice.

Rapids Repair Kit

Back to mending, here's how:

How to Mend Your Socks: Comic Blog

Find Sock Holes


Fix It!

Step 1 and 2

Hand in the Hole

Hand Puppet

Put Needle Through Both Sides of the Hole

Pull it Tight!

Sew the Seam the Other Way

Double or Triple Knot


New Socks!

Put them on!

awkward socks

Learning Curve


Socks up!