A first look at the storefront: before the reno April 20, 2012 23:22 2 Comments

Hi folks! As the inaugural post, I thought I'd share some photos we took of the unit in its pre-renovated state.  You can think of this as a kind of virtual tour if you like. We're now waiting on city permits to do a few renovations.  The carpet and false ceiling will go, but besides that it'll be mostly paint and elbow grease!  We have a plan to re-mount and re-use most of the existing light fixtures to keep them out of the landfill.
The first impression from Hastings St.  We're moving into the MECCA unit.  Truck shown for scale.
The grand entrance!  The former tenants thoughtfully left us well stocked with high-backed chairs and miscellaneous office furniture at the future site of the service counter. Thanks guys!
We also inherited sundry shelving units and cabinets in varied states of repair.  We haven't figured out what to do with them yet, but for now they make the place seem less lonely.
We especially appreciated the gift of four tiny stools that were evidently stolen from an elementary school many years ago.
This ladder seemed like a great bonus until I saw it was held together with zip ties.  I am afraid to use it, but it certainly adds to the ambiance.
The washroom makes me feel like a real gentleman.
The view facing south onto Hastings Street. This area is getting new floors, paint, and a bulletin board.
We found a beautiful wood ceiling above the false ceiling throughout the unit.  We're going to re-mount the existing fixtures for an exposed-beam look.
That's all for now.  More photos will follow when the renovation commences.  Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates on the products that have started arriving!