Building permit approved! May 07, 2012 15:24 1 Comment

Today we got the call from City Hall: our building permit has been approved!  With this mandate in hand, we're finally free to begin work sprucing up the storefront and preparing it for You!  Our valued customer. First things first: that dusty, decaying carpet has to go.
The first bit is the hardest! 
Rolling it back a little further.  Note the beautiful marble pattern made by 20 years of fine, swirling dust.
Goodbye carpet!  The place is already feeling livelier.  New flooring materials set to arrive later this week!
You may note that in addition to the rolls of old carpet, there are stacks of white and brown particle board shelving components.  A keen eye will notice the resemblance to the tall (9'?) freestanding shelves pictured in my first post.  We can't use 'em, so if you need some large, tall shelves, drop me a line using the contact page: Same goes for the old carpet and ceiling tiles.