Renovation update! May 18, 2012 14:04 1 Comment

With 10 days elapsed since the last update, we're rolling right along with the renovation.  Take a look below to see how the place is progressing!
Duncan Martin mans the vacuum in the running battle we wage against dust.
All the derelict furniture at the space moved us to build roller carts to help shuffle them around.
The temptation to misuse them is astounding.
Look we took down the drop ceiling!  These snazzy beams were hiding up there all along.  Note also the piles of flooring on stage left.
We had to use a grinder wheel to cut down the last vestiges of drop ceiling (seen in the upper left of previous photo). Luckily, this validated my recent grinder purchase (should have gone to the Tool Library?).
Laying the new floor: the first step is squirting this goopy glue all over the place.
The first piece is down!  Good job Nate.
"Oh hey guys!" Rick (me) filling the gaps between boards with Elmer's wood filler.
Behold the new floor!  It consists of 4'x8' sheets of oriented strand board.  Though typically used as an underlayment rather than finished surface, we think this material will look pretty decent once we sand and slather it with clear polyurethane sealer.
The electrician's in there now wiring up those lights.  Next up: sealing the floor, painting the walls, and getting the sinks plumbed in!  Stay tuned!