Two and a half weeks in May 24, 2012 11:38

Two (and a half) weeks into the reno and the electrical is finally done!  We finished sanding the floor this morning and as I type this the boys are laying the first coat of polyurethane.
Duncan mans the trusty vacuum.  With lights this time!  I promise this is not the only thing he does.
Sanding in preparation for the polyurethane top coat.  Despite paying through the nose for a fancy pad sander, we had to sand all the board junctions by hand with a belt sander. Not pictured: fancy pad sander (but it looked like this)
With the floor about to be unwalkable, it was time to clear out the last of the junk.  Scrap metal, fluorescent ballasts, old electrical conduit, two a/c units... good riddance!
Took this rat's nest of wire up to M&B metal recycling and figured I'd clean up - if criminals do it, it must be good economics! Disappointingly, the take was barely enough for a case of beer for the lads.
That's it for now - back to work!


We got the first coat of poly down, and it's looking great!  Some action shots of Nate doing the honours:
Glug glug glug  
he's on a roll!