We're still here! June 11, 2012 23:57

With all the excitement going on at the shop, I fear I've been remiss in keeping this blog up to date.  Take a look at what we've been doing!
First of all, we finished the floor.  Finally! The few brain cells I have left after four days of breathing polyurethane think it looks... not too bad
Mom and Dad came up for a weekend to help paint.  We will miss the dingy pink, but this "moonight" colored recycled paint seems pretty good.  And it sure is cheap!
Good work.  Thanks ma and pa!
We run a real family operation around here.
With the floor finished, we were free to start building in the shelving. Asia (future staff) is pictured with a load of custom- milled, sustainably harvested Douglas Fir from Saturna Island.
You can get an idea of how the wood looks from this shot. 16-20" wide boards with almost no knots and the natural curvature of the tree exposed.  It's going to yield some beautiful pieces.
Nate Reister sorts boards while Duncan Martin sweeps dust around.
The future desk and service counter.  Of note are the triple drawer units salvaged from the presents MECCA left us (see http://homesteadersemporium.blogspot.ca/2012/04/hi-folks-as-inaugural-post-i-thought-id.html if they don't look familiar) and the planks at bottom right which are soon to become the outer surface of the desk.
This was meant to show the framed-in service counter, but I think what it really illustrates is the general pandemonium presently reigning at the unit.  However, I have the distinct sense that we are nearing the point of peak chaos, and all will rapidly fall into place once those stacks of boards turn into beautiful, beautiful shelves.
That's it for today, stay tuned for the launch date announcement!  Also, be sure to look for us at Car Free Main Street this Sunday, June 17!