I love T-Shirts almost as much as I love making them! June 12, 2012 00:18

With Car Free Main Street approaching, we're scrambling to get everything ready for the booth.  Among other things, we've got a variety of Canadian-made bamboo / organic cotton t-shirts which, when duly silk screened, will allow you to turn your useless, slovenly torso into a functional, sharply-dressed mobile billboard for the store!
To paint the screen accurately, it's important to close one eye to prevent your perspective from shifting as you peer through the screen at the pattern below.
Crafts are so fun.
The finished design.  Coming soon from my living room to your shirt!
My screen printing jungle guide Lisa has advised me that this is a multi-step, highly involved process, so I predict many more shirt-related photo-ops in the imminent future. Shirts will be available in a variety of sizes, in Natural, Olive, Brown, and Charcoal grey. UPDATE: shirts now in!
The screen pressing setup.  Completed shirts can be seen drying in the background amid tools and other paraphernalia.
Ta da!  Colors are brown, olive, natural, lavender, and charcoal.  Available in men's S-XL and ladies' S-L.  Shirts are Canadian made from 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton. Only $15 until launch, what a deal!