Reno complete, business license in hand! June 22, 2012 14:57

It's official - the renovation is complete!  With the shelving finished, products flowing in, and only a few paint touchups remaining, we're shifting gears to registering inventory, merchandizing, and finishing touches.
The service counter and work desk 95% complete.  Since taking this photo we've nailed up the rest of the siding.
Duncan cutting grooves for the shelves with a plunge router.
The first shelf complete!
Getting closer: a few more shelves up, a few less boards in the stack.
Nate and Duncan assemble one of the free-standing floor pieces. 
Check out these sweet signs Duncan made.  I think he's going to carve a snazzy little cheese graphic on the right there; hence the empty space on the right of the Cheese & Dairy sign.
The first of the beekeeping supplies are in, courtesy of Two Bees Apiary!
A wider angle showing the finished shelves and service counter.  A little corner of the coop even made it in.
Nate ceremonially removes the paper from the window, with great pomp and circumstance.
Our booth at Car Free Day!  Lianne and Trevor were able to make it down from Two Bees Apiary.  In a classic blunder, I neglected to bring the sign.  This coral coloured apron was pressed into service as a marginal stand-in.
New shop computer and POS equipment.
Mushroom growing kits from Vancouver's very own Scott Henderson (The Mushroom Man). Foreground: oyster mushroom kits. Background: shiitake mushroom kits.
That's it for today!  We've got more product coming in nearly every day now so I'll do my best to put up pictures whenever I get a chance!