Inventory arriving daily! July 04, 2012 00:55 1 Comment

Now that the launch date (July 13!) and grand opening (July 27-29!) are set, I thought I'd put up some teaser photos of the inventory deliveries we've been receiving.  More is on the way and arriving daily!
Rainwater harvesting equipment.  These are mainly designed to interface with a gutter downspout.
The beekeeping stuff!  You've seen this before in the background, but it warrants its own image.  We've got hive bodies, frames, and various other equipment.  All wood hive components are made in Canada.
The latest arrival from Weck Canada came on a pallet just barely too wide for the door.
Green coffee and roasters!  These semi- automated units take some of the uncertainty out of home roasting, but we're also awaiting some manual models that work well (with practice!)
Various glass and metal packaging supplies waiting to be filled with bulk oils, waxes, and powders.  We'll be instituting a deposit system to encourage re-use.  Of course, you're always welcome to bring your own container when purchasing bulk goods!
That's it for today.  Can't wait to see what comes tomorrow!