Soap Making for Beginners: Workshop photos! September 02, 2012 14:49

We thought we'd share some photos from last week's Soap Making for Beginners workshop.  What a great turnout!  We made a simple but beautiful vegan soap, and everyone got the chance to put personal finishing touches on a 2-3 bar block that they took home.  Lucky for us, we had enough extra to keep some for the store!

 Soap Making for Beginners
Participants add the finishing touches to their soaps at last week's Soap Making for Beginners workshop.


 Slicing the soap
A pastry scraper works great for slicing the soap a couple days after it is poured. If you don't have one, any thin, symmetrically ground knife will also work well.


 Finished soap bars
Sliced lengthwise, the soap block participants took home yields two medium-sized bars. Note the swirl pattern created with the annatto colour and poppy seeds on top.


 Finished soap bars with Mica
 Another two bars of finished soap. This one has flecks of mica mixed into the top for a rich bronze shine.