Book Review: City Goats February 21, 2013 16:24

No, goats aren't legal in Vancouver, but they weren't legal in Seattle either when author Jennie Grant started keeping them in her urban backyard.  Grant founded the Goat Justice League to educate the public about goats and advocate for the city of Seattle to rewrite their animal by-law.


City Goats is a quick and funny read covering everything from breed selection and feeding to mating and lactation curves.  While there's certainly detailed information available elsewhere in farming and livestock resources, this book is specific to the needs of city goats and their owners.  It covers topics like  training your goat to walk on a leash, foraging for food for your goat, challenging by-laws and dealing with city council, and building a safe and fun goat yard in a small space.  Warning: once you've read this book, your backyard farm will feel incomplete without goats!