Book Review: Toolbox for Sustainable City Living February 22, 2013 13:11


A full-fledged guide to radical sustainability, Toolbox for Sustainable City Living offers lots of ideas for do-it-yourselfers to get the most out of green living.  This book is the result of years of environmental experimentation and political activism by the Rhizome Collective in Austin, Texas.  It covers topics such as intensive urban food production, micro-livestock, rainwater collection and filtration, on-site waste water treatment, humanure composting, and bio-remediation of polluted urban environments.  For those interested in off-the-grid living, it also covers energy options like biofuels, methane, wind power, and getting the most out of passive solar gain.  While it doesn't cover every topic in detail, it's a great overview and repository of ideas for urban farmers, architects, city planners, and plain-old homeowners.