RIP little fellas, I'll remember you as Fish Soup February 27, 2013 19:11

I'm not going to say where I got these deceased fish, but with a little sleuthing our informed readers will probably guess.  They died before their time, and it was a bummer. But that's nature, and in nature nothing goes to waste.  In early January a guest speaker named Karl Hann described how he would ferment fish carcasses for a year or more to obtain the ultimate organic fertilizer: fish soup.  Rich in nutrients and beneficial microogranisms, this not-as-foul-smelling-as-one-might-think brew is ambrosia for the garden.  So, lemons to lemonade and all that.

 2013-02-25 15.22.46
Sorry buddy :(


 2013-02-25 15.23.28
The tomb is prepared.  A thin layer of bokashi (wheat bran inoculated with effective microogranisms) lines the bottom of an old HDPE palm oil pail.


 2013-02-25 15.24.26
The fish get a shroud of bokashi.  This should help balance the carbon:nitrogen ratio and ensure that beneficial microbes break down the fish.


 2013-02-25 15.24.39
The tomb is sealed.  And now we wait.

   Karl waits a year or more for his drums to finish fermenting, but I guess I'll check on these fellas sometime in this summer.  Are you all on the edge of your seats?

**Update June 2015**

Did I say summer? I guess I meant summer two years hence.