Touring an urban oasis July 05, 2013 15:10 1 Comment

A few weeks ago I visited my friend James Sztyler at his Kitsilano garden.  It's such a gem I wanted to share some photos - a great example of what is possible on a small urban lot. 20130705-150658.jpg Rows of pots ranging from 5-20 gallons sit in rows on the mostly-paved lot. A fiend for tomatoes, James makes plenty of room for these heat-lovers (foreground). Over 1000 heads of garlic are planted directly in the earth along the fence. 20130705-150715.jpg A fully-enclosed greenhouse keeps seedlings warm (centre) and a long hoophouse by the fence keeps the rain off more tomatoes. 20130705-150752.jpg

James saves as much seed as possible from year to year. You may remember seeing his tomato seeds at the shop! 20130705-150821.jpg Tomatoes under the hoophouse are ready for some support. James uses a system of attaching strings to the the base of each plant, and winding the string around the plant until it is secured at the top. This beats buying 100s of tomato cages! 20130705-150905.jpg Garlic growing in a thicket. 20130705-150944.jpg

James proudly shows off the long leaves of one of several garlic varieties. By now they're probably taller than he is!