New Partnership with Cedar Isle Farm for Organic, Local Rye Straw May 22, 2015 17:13 2 Comments

Update August 17, 2015: We have straw again!

As of August 17 we have a fresh load of this year's certified organic wheat straw. It's here now, so no need to pre-order, just come on down! The bales are slightly denser this time, so we're passing on a $2/bale price increase. That's $22/bale. However, in an effort to keep it affordable, we're offering $5 off each bale after the first two. That's 1 bale = $22, 2 bales=$44, 3 bales = $61, 4 bales = $78, etc.

organic local wheat straw

Since 2013 we've enjoyed hosting a festive day each fall when Jim and Yoshi take over the front of our shop to distribute shares of locally grown grain and flour to members of Urban Grains CSA. They bring wheat, oats, rye, and more, grown at Cedar Isle Farm in Agassiz and milled at Anita's in Chilliwack. Sounds great, right? It is. Since KJM country gardens closed a few months ago, we've been scrambling to find another local source for straw. To everyone who's forlornly enquired when we would start carrying it again - we haven't been idle! What do these things have in common... Straw comes from grain of course! And so, we're very proud to announce that Jim of Cedar Isle Farms has agreed to supply you, our lovely customers, with local, organic straw.  Order in our store, by phone, or online from our web store.