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I love avocados, but I love buying local. Knowing how far they travel, I always feel a bit guilty about buying them. They're just so tasty, though, that sometimes I can't resist. And this spring, after a particularly delicious and intemperate avocado bender, I got to wondering whether I could start my own tropical perennial nursery!

Time to put away the youtube and give it a try! I used a method gleaned from watching about 6 videos from the above link:

1. poke three wooden skewers into the pit, each at a slightly upward angle. I used one bbq skewer broken into thirds. The original pointy end went neatly into the pit, but the other two (broken) ends needed some help from a paring knife. Note that the pointier end of the pit is pointing up in this picture.

sprouting an avocado seed

2. Set the pit with its wooden "legs" in a jar or cup of water. Fill the cup so the water comes about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the pit. It didn't seem to matter whether the poked holes were moist.

sprouting an avocado seed

3. figure that the success rate will not be 100%, and do this for a few pits. I placed them on my windowsill, one of the warmer spots in my kitchen. Unfortunately, it's also where my cat likes to sit, which is why this is the last photo with four jars in it.

the avocado nursery

4. Wait, and top up the water as needed to keep the level in the aforementioned range. Even in the warm weather we had in Vancouver this spring, it was a few weeks before the root started growing downward. Nearly 8 weeks elapsed between the previous photo (4 pits on a windowsill) and the next picture (pit with about 1.5 cm upward growth).

the avocado is sprouted!

another view from the same day.

great looking roots on this avocado seed

5. Wait some more. Interestingly, once the upward shoot started growing, it went pretty quick. The previous and next photo are only taken two days apart!

avocado seedling

6. keep waiting, and you'll end up with a beautiful seedling! These are the two that survived the ravages of my cat.

avocado seedlings

Not bad for a first effort, eh? These two seedlings are at about 14 weeks.

avocado seedlings

Heidi loves it!