1% for Neighbourhood Food Networks October 13, 2015 06:00

Through our Membership Program - 1% for Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Network - we've been fundraising with our customers to support local food initiatives around Vancouver. With 28% of our total sales made by members in the last 3 months, we've been able to fundraise $343.

The VNFN supports neighbourhood food initiatives, including Cedar Cottage Food Networks' Mobile Produce Markets, which they host eight times per month! These markets provide local and organic produce (from Fresh Roots) at wholesale cost to folks with limited incomes and limited mobility.

Cedar Cottage Food Network's Mobile Market
We want to continue supporting the amazing work of the folks at VNFN by bringing up our memberships to 50% of our customers by January 1st, 2016! So if you believe in supporting food security for folks in Vancouver, our membership program is one tiny action you can do, and it's free! 


From The Vancouver Food Networks - October 8, 2015: 

VNFN School Garden Program

The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks (NFNs) are thrilled to receive support from the Homesteader’s Emporium and helping to grow the 12 NFNs across Vancouver. These Networks are unique coalitions of food organizations working with passion to advance food justice at the community level and organizing programs like school gardens, community kitchens, food celebrations, meal programs, and pocket markets.

Core to this work is an acknowledgment that everyone, no matter what their life situation, has the right to quality food. Equally important, program participants are invited to engage and contribute their diverse skills and talents toward co-creating a just and sustainable neighbourhood food system. Whether the focus is on health and nutrition, food access, community, or the environment, the richness of the NFN’s demonstrates the incredible energy and passion fuelling the Vancouver food movement.

VNFN Intergenerational Kitchen Programs
To check out all NFN food programs, visit www.vancouverfoodnetworks.com