Roast Your Own Coffee November 22, 2016 14:51

Roast Your Own Coffee Beans!

According to CBC, Canadians rank third in Coffee consumption per capita. We drank an astonishing 152 liters of the delicious brew per person in 2015. Even though we consume a lot of coffee, many people (including myself) probably don’t know much about its origin, how it was processed or what the factors for great taste are.

Coffee starts losing its flavour just after a couple of days after it has been roasted. So drinking store bought coffee is like eating a stale bread. Well, maybe not as bad. But still, we are probably missing out. If you want to read more about why and how you should roast your own coffee, I recommend giving this gem a read. I decided to give it a try and for once roast my own coffee rather than buy a new pack.

There are a number of techniques you can use. Some people use a fancy coffee roaster, a skillet, or a popcorn popper to roast the green beans. I used a coffee roasting screen and my oven.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure your windows are open and your ventilation in the kitchen is running. I triggered my apartment's fire alarm and there wasn’t even visible smoke. So just get that fresh air into your kitchen.

The picture below shows everything I used to roast, grind and brew my coffee.

Coffee roasting tools


The equipment consists of the following:

  • Coffee Roasting Screen
  • Green beans (available in bulk at Homestead Junction!)
  • Manual coffee grinder
  • Coffee sock
  • Hario drip decanter

First step is to pour some beans in the screen without layering it up. The beans can cover the full area but should not stack up. Next, preheat your oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Getting ready to roast coffee beans

Place your roasting screen in the middle of the oven and after a few minutes you’ll hear crackling sounds. As soon as you hear the sound, you should open the oven and move around so that the beans turn. Don’t leave the oven open for too long though, or the temperature will drop.

If you see chaffs coming of the beans, don’t worry. You’ll remove those later.

Roasting coffee beans in the oven


Repeat this shaking step until you have the desired grade of roasting. You have to take into account that the beans will continue to roast after you take them out of the oven. So take them out just before they reach the darkness that you want them to be after the whole process is over.

The more often you shake the screen, the more even your roast will be.

Home-Roasted Coffee Beans

After the roasting was done, I went on the balcony and tried to blow away as many of chaffs as possible.

The best time to drink your coffee is about 4 hours to 14 hours after you roasted them. Beans should be stored away from direct sunlight and in a airtight container. Let the coffee sit for about 12 hours before you seal the container.

So after you wait and enjoy the coffee smell in your kitchen, go ahead and grind the beans and brew yourself a delicious and well deserved cup of coffee.

Finished Coffee

Hmmm! Enjoy!

Home-roasted Coffee!




By Reni Diggelmann