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Making Candles for a Candle Mountain! March 16, 2016 09:41

My roommates and I recently dubbed our living room side table "Extravagant Candle Mountain" and proceeded to layer it with eclectic waxy joy.

Look how extravagant it is! Goodness. It's practically overwhelming.

I've been inspired to partake in the art of burning wax-sticks. Yesterday I picked up a few supplies from Homestead Junction: 

  • 100% Beeswax (locally sourced!),
  • red and blue candle dye chips
  • four wicks.

Pretty basic ingredients - altogether the bill came to about 15 bucks.

I set right to work soon as I arrived home.

Unceremoniously, I jammed some chunks of beeswax into an old pickle jar. This was set in a pot of boiling water. The wax melted completely within 15 minutes.

Then I set up a cooling station and a line of string from which to hang the candles as they cooled.


I gently stirred in the blue dye and attached the first wick to a quilt pin.

And so begins the fascinating process of "dip, dop". Let me explain to you the strategy:

Step 1: dip

Step 2: dop

And repeat. Until... candles!

Woohoo! I think they're completely amazing, if a little unusually shaped. I think their gloobiness lends them personality.

The leftover hot melted beeswax was poured onto Extravagant Candle Mountain in odd designs and stuck with the new candles.

The candles burned majestically into the night.

Next time, I'll purchase longer wicks to make taller, less glooby candles. I'm also excited to try mixing in essential oils for that marvelous scented ambiance only a candle can achieve.

Maybe you'll start your own candle mountain? I hope so!