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Deliciously creamy, soft goat cheese--chevre--has become a mainstay of fine and not-so-fine dining establishments across North America.  We crumble it on salads; we spread it on crostini; we dollop it on flatbread pizzas... we love chevre!  In Europe, chevre (French for goat) can refer to any type of cheese made from goat's milk.  In North America, we take a much more narrow view and only refer to soft, unripened goat's milk cheese as chevre; other styles of cheese can be made with goat's milk, but they're not chevre, they're "goat brie" and "goat cheddar."  Here, you will find instructions for making a North American-style chevre: a goat's milk cheese with a mild flavor and soft, spreadable texture.  Fortunately, the process to make chevre is extremely forgiving, so it's an ideal first for the beginner cheese-maker. 

The Basics: Making chevre requires little in the way of equipment or technique, just a little patience.  The starter culture and rennet are added to warmed milk and left to coagulate overnight.  The next day the fine curds are separated and thickened to the desired consistency by draining through cheesecloth.

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