Pay It Forward


Your $1 contribution will provide free learning for low-income DTES residents to learn about fermentation, gardening, mushroom cultivation, cheese making, herbal medicine, and more!

In partnership with the DTES Neighbourhood House, 100% of every dollar contributed to this program goes directly toward supporting low-income residents in the neighbourhood to take homesteading workshops for free! This will work in two ways:

  1. Inviting Folks In: Money raised will cover registration fees and reserve spots in selected Homestead Junction workshops, while continuing to support the instructors who are compensated through ticket sales.
  2. Meeting People Where They’re At: To support the learning of many people at once, money raised will also go toward free programming at the DTES Neighbourhood House, a comfortable and homey space for many neighbouring residents, led by Homestead Junction staff and instructors.

“The Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House (DTES NH) embraces people of all ancestries, genders, ages and descriptions; annually welcoming almost 9,000 DTES residents in a community where 70% of our neighbours have low‐incomes, 700 are homeless and 5,000 are under-housed.

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