Burnaby Red Wigglers. Local vermiculture expert Bintoro Gunadi’s site. There’s not much to the website at present, but he announces upcoming workshops and has some photos. Very knowledgeable guy. Cheap and Easy Worm Bin. This Washington State University website has instructions for building and starting a very simple, common style of nesting worm bin. World of Worms. A great website with info on caring for your worms and building your own composter. Red Worm Composting. Did you need another worm composting site? If so, here it is! Photos and resources here. Microbe Organics. Everything you ever wanted to know about compost tea! Great Day Bokashi. Vancouver company that supplies the Bokashi Bucket to our store. Lots of info on using Bokashi available here. Compost Here. A community site designed to link people with food waste to people with compost bins. [hr]

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