Educational Discounts

Our mission is to help as many people as possible access self-sufficiency education and experiential learning. To that end, we offer educational discounts for both teachers and students.

For teachers:

If you’re out to teach people a new skill, we’re here to help. Because we know education takes place both inside and outside the classroom, we’ve come up with flexible guidelines that recognize most any format.

Guidelines to get our teacher discounts:

  1. The program must be open to a broad audience – not just your friends! If you’re organizing the program yourself, you can show us a poster or some kind of ad you placed. If you’re part of an organization or school, forward us a newsletter, flier, or note to parents that mentions the program. .


  2. We want to see a picture! Tag us in a photo or video of your workshop on any of our social media platforms (currently facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, or pinterest). Try to show what a fun time you’re having learning with our rented equipment! Obviously in some cases you won’t be able to show faces, but we know you’ll get creative. :D This helps people learn about our rental program which will keep it going and growing!

Half Price Rentals

We’re delighted to extend a 50% discount on all rental equipment used for educational purposes! Please phone or email for a discount code you can use when booking the rental online, and come prepared to show us items 1 and 2 when you pick up the item. See our Rentals page for details. 

10% off Supplies

Most supplies you purchase specifically for an educational program are eligible for a 10% rebate. You pay full price, then come in and show us items 1 and 2 above within 60 days to get the rebate. Beekeeping and chicken keeping supplies are excluded.

For students:

We offer 10% off all course texts listed below. Follow the links below to see what books we stock for any course you may be taking. Are you taking a relevant course that's not listed here, or was a book recommended that's not on our list? Shoot us an email and we'll see about adding it.


Classes by Andrea Potter of Rooted Nutrition  


EartHand Weaving Workshops

Herbalism and Herbology:

Living Medicine Project's Urban Herb School and Herbal Integration Course

Lori Snyder's Foraging and Plant Medicine Workshops and Programs

Wild Seed School Intermediate and Advanced Herbal Studies Programs

Mycology and Fungiculture:

Fungi for the People's Mushroom Cultivation Course

Fungi For the People's Myco Remediation Design Course


Gaiacraft Permaculture Design Course

Nettles Guild Permaculture Design Courses and Other Workshops and Intensives

Langara College's Organic Master Gardener Course