Membership Program

At Homestead Junction, we believe working together can move us toward self-sufficiency and sustainability. Like a mycelial network reaching out to share nutrients  with trees, bugs and slugs, we want to reach out with our networks to share skills and resources that will deepen our connections and broaden our impact. We are working on a new, enhanced membership program.


You can still attach your legacy member / customer info when you check out. Just tell us your name, email and/or phone number, and we'll get you set up.


No More Lost Receipts

We can look up any past purchases made with your membership using just your phone number. We can also send receipts straight to your email! That means no fumbling around with crumbled up paper receipts if you ever need to return or exchange something. We can also answer questions like “what kind of chicken feed did I buy last time?” or “what were those awesome broccoli seeds I got here last year?”

Note: mailing list is separate

We don't share your email you provide at checkout, and that includes not automatically signing you up for our newsletter. If you'd like to receive our newsletter every other week, you can sign up here