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This page is deprecated - our volunteer and work trade programs are currently on hold

Volunteering at Homestead Junction is a great way to meet people and learn all kinds of great stuff. We’re looking to build long-term relationships with enthusiastic, talented volunteers who will help advance our goal of promoting DIY culture, self sufficiency, and urban agriculture.

In our continuous efforts toward accessibility, we also accept a limited number of work trade exchanges for the full cost of workshop registration. The purpose of this program is to lower financial barriers to make our workshops accessible to more people. For this reason, we prioritize and encourage work trade applications from low-income people from the DTES neighbourhood, underrepresented groups, marginalized communities, and people facing barriers to employment.

How our volunteer & work trade programs work:

  1. Fill out the short questionnaire below to "make an offer." Specify whether you are applying to volunteer or work trade. If you are applying for work trade, you'll specify one or more workshops that interest you, and suggest what kind of work you might like to do in exchange. 
  2. We'll take a look at your application and let you know if we have suitable projects to offer you. 
  3. For work traders, we'll agree on a project you can do for us that matches the value of the workshop(s). We'll use the guideline of "living wage" equivalent ($20/hr). For example, if you're interested in taking a class and the workshop tickets go for $20 each, you can trade one hour of work to compensate for your workshop registration. If the workshop tickets are $35/each, you can trade 1 hour and 45 minutes of work. You complete the project before the workshop. Then you attend the workshop in exchange!
  4. All our regular guidelines around workshops and cancellation apply.

Homestead Junction Code of Ethics:
As a work trader/volunteer at Homestead Junction, adhering to this Code of Ethics is mandatory:

  • To treat with courtesy each individual with whom we come in contact, regardless of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or national ancestry.
  • To leave things better than we find it: respecting the environment, amenities and materials we share.
  • To act with professionalism and respect as a representative of Homestead Junction.

Confidentiality Agreement:

  • Work trade/volunteers acknowledge and confirm that as a work trade/volunteer, you may acquire information from Homestead Junction, and other parties, about certain matters and things which are of a confidential nature and that such information is the exclusive property of Homestead Junction and will remain in the strictest confidence. 

If this all sounds good, tell us about yourself by filling in this questionnaire.

All the best from the HJX crew!


What would I do as a volunteer?

As a small organization, we have some flexibility to tailor each opportunity to the volunteer’s interests and talents. In our eyes, a great volunteer opportunity should:
  • provide value to the volunteer;
  • provide value to Homestead Junction;
  • provide value to the public.

Some examples of great volunteer opportunities are:

  • Community ambassador. Do you love talking with people about their awesome projects? This new type of opportunity could be for you. Basically, you hang out and chat with people either at festivals or at the shop, without having to do things like handle cash or drive a hard bargain.
  • Workshop host. Do you have knowledge or skills you’d like to share? You could volunteer to hold a workshop at Homestead Junction. It’s usually tons of fun and a great way to learn from attendees. Having volunteer instructors allows us to set the cost of workshops as cheaply as possible, or even offer them for free. This brings people into the store and offers affordable education to the public.
  • Project contributor. We always have various projects on the go like compost tea, aquaponics, solar cooking, vertical gardening. We like to try a project, trouble shoot it, research it, then blog about it to share with the world. Thing is, there are more projects than we can possibly do ourselves! If this sounds exciting, that’s because it is! We can provide support and ideas, and loan you supplies. Great for hands-on types with an eye for detail. A writing sample is required.
  • Book reviewer. We carry a huge line of books and don’t always have time to read them all! As a book reviewer volunteer we’d loan you awesome books and you’d write a detailed review to be published on our website. A writing sample is required.

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