Waste Less Challenge

Who: You Vs. Your Friends Vs. Your Kids! Vs. our staff!


What: As we launch our new Upcycling Program here at Homesteader’s, we’ve been having many conversations about ways we can reduce the amount of waste we create.


Where? At home! At work! At school! The spaces you hang out at! We trail garbage everywhere we go, so wherever we contribute to making garbage is where this contest takes place.


When: Starting June 17, 2015 but you can jump in any time. The challenge will run for three months until Friday Sept 18, 2015.


How it Works:

Once a week, instagram, facebook, tweet, tag us in and/or email us a photo of the contents of your Waste Less Bin and with that photo, your name will be entered into a monthly draw for the chance to win free access to a workshop of your choice valued at up to $35.00! Kids will be entered into a separate draw for a chance to win DIY kits, and/workshops (more details below). You can only qualify a maximum of one photo a week to be entered into the draw, but you can update us with as many photos as you like! Photos that show creative ways you’ve avoided making garbage will give you a bonus entry to the draw! So be wise and remember to tag us in your photos so we don’t miss them!

Waste Less Bins

Community Agreements of the Waste Less Challenge:

  1. We will recycle all plastics, metals, and paper
  2. We will compost all food scraps
  3. Anything that cannot be recycled, reused, upcycled or composted, we will keep in our Waste Less Bins to be disposed of when our challenge is complete
  4. We won’t cheat!!


Tips and Goals:

  1. Transition to non-disposable (non-essential) products
  2. Plan ahead and get creative with habits: keep a spare mason jar with you at all times! If you decide you want a coffee 2 go, or have last minute dinner plans, this will work to save on take out containers and disposable cups. Keeping extra cloth bags with you can also be helpful for last minute grocery/shopping trips.
  3. Share resources: If you live in an apartment building and can’t compost, try a worm bin. If that works slower than what you’re putting into it, maybe work with another household and trade compost space for worms (or whatever you can think of). This can work
  4. Plan soft plastic and other recyclables that the city doesn’t pick up, plan with your friends to bring them to recycling depots all in one shot.
  5. If you’re not sure whether something goes is garbage, recycling, or should be brought to the depot, you can use the Waste Wizard APP from the City of Vancouver’s website.


The Trade-Off:


What could be a better trade-off than developing new healthier habits that support a healthier planet?! Well, on top of that, every photo you tweet, facebook, or instagram us of how you’re doing in your challenge, Homesteader’s Emporium will enter your name into a draw, which we will draw from at the end of the month. The winner gets free entry to a workshop of their choice!* (*Up to $35 in value). Get a bonus entry every time your picture reflects a clever way you avoided making more garbage.


What about the kids?!

Of course kids can take part in this challenge, so get them on board! Kids up to 13-years-old will be entered into a separate draw for a chance to win their choice of one of the following:

-Seedbomb Kit

-Simple Soap-Making Kit

-Kid-Friendly Candle-Making Kit

-Upcoming Family-Friendly Workshops!

-Call or see in-store for updates on prizes!