20160120 Vintage Scandanavian Berry Baskets


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Wednesday, January 20, 2016 from 7:00-9:30pm

When my kids received a copy of Peter in Blueberry Land, originally published in 1901, I was captivated by Elsa Beskow's delicate illustrations and her attention to the details of Swedish life - especially in the baskets that Peter carries to go search for berries! How were these charming little baskets made, with the weavers that run diagonally up the sides? In this workshop, we'll rediscover the ingenious trick to making these simple and sturdy baskets. We'll be making at least two each, one out of heavy paper, and one out of sheets of thin-cut wood available at any hardware store.

Instructor Bio:

Rebecca Graham is an environmental artist and the Artistic Director of the EartHand Gleaners Society, an arts-based environmental education groupbased in the DTES. Using mainly with materials salvaged from gardeners' clippings, Rebecca makes shoes, headdresses and baskets, and reveals the wonders and mysteries of working with natural materials for workshop audiences of all ages and abilities

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