20160221 Homemade Yogurt


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Sunday, February 21, 2016 from 11:30am-12:30pm

Making your own yogurt at home is not only less expensive than buying it from the store, but far more nutritious and very rewarding. Like many types of fermentation it requires specific cultures, specific conditions and a certain amount of care. This workshop lays it all out; you will go home with some starter to get you going, resources and instructions to help you along the way, but more importantly, you will leave with excitement and confidence about making your own yogurt. It is so much easier than you think!

Instructor Bio:

Tamiae Squibb, a graduate of the Linnaea Ecological Garden Program (and various other institutions) returned to Vancouver last year after several years on Cortes Island, BC. After honing her skills as a producer -both on land and in the kitchen- she is excited to share her enthusiasm for building soil, growing food, and feeding bodies with anyone looking to do the same. Since settling back into the city she has been enjoying offering workshops on baking sourdough bread and gardening. When she isn’t teaching, baking bread, or selling fermented foods out of her garage, she can be found happily tending her home garden in east Vancouver.

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