20160517 Home-Dried Backpacking Food


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Tuesday, May 17, 2016 from 6:30-8:00pm

Birds are chirping, snow is melting, and hiking season is upon us! When, as a kid, I went out hiking with my family, my mom scorned the ubiquitous freeze-dried meals. We would eat nutritious, homemade food like always, gosh darn it! She made this practical the best way she knew how - with our food dehydrator!

20 years later, I'm here to share some tricks and family recipes for dehydrated meals and snacks. We'll work through the process from start to finish - preparation, dehydration, and cooking the stuff up real tasty once in the backcountry.

You'll also take home recipes for chili, pasta sauce, vegan stir-fry, fruit leather and yogurt chews, and more tips for timing to get the most out of a rented dehydrator (or just save time). As always, we offer participants a discount on relevant supplies and rentals (dehydrators, books, etc).

Intructor Bio:

Homestead Junction founder Rick Havlak first came to Vancouver in 2006 to study at UBC. He got the inspiration for Homestead Junction from his own experience trying various food projects. When setting out to make cheese, jam, and roast coffee he wasn’t sure where to begin - and among his first attempts, wound up with sour milk, fruit syrup, and burned beans. Rick believes learning to make your own food and household supplies should be fun and easy, not frustrating.

Rick has long been an avid hiker and mountaineer, and is slowly "getting back into it" after years of working through weekends during the company's infancy. He holds a certificate from the National Outdoor Leadership School and has planned detailed menus for his own multi-week backcountry expeditions.

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