20160622 Bug Farming 101


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Wednesday, June 22 from 6:30-8:00pm

Come learn about the easiest insect to raise for food or feed: Tenebrio Molitor a.k.a. mealworms.

Tenebrio Molitor is a beetle and common grain pest. The larvae just happen to be delicious (for humans and livestock) and easy to farm on common discarded food such as beer grains and bread.

Topics covered:
-Materials & habitat construction using a 3-drawer bin
-Food for your insects (hint: “waste”)
-Care and maintenance
-PROS/CONS of raising mealworms compared to other insects
-Insect cooking/preparation

Bring a container if you would like to take a stick bug home and are prepared to care for it. Instructions will be provided.

Instructor Bio:
Dominique Goulet is an avid edible insect enthusiast. He started raising insects while studying at UBC in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems when searching for alternative protein sources. He has raised many different species such as grasshoppers, cockroaches, crickets and stick bugs. He currently works for the Children’s Program at the UBC Farm and is developing a system that incorporates insect production with small-scale farming. 

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