20160823 Cricket Spice Mix


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Tues, August 23, 2016 from 6:30-7:45

As seen on TV!

As mainstream protein becomes harder to swallow, crickets have to come to the fore as a highly nutritious, sustainable alternative. Referred to as "the gateway bug" - due to their mild flavour and versatility they provide lots of scope for early adopters of entomophagy. In this presentation and tasting we'll turn down the ick factor and explore ways that cricket protein could become a regular part of a sustainable diet. Carmen will share her discoveries and recipes that will give you a taste and bring you one step closer to a radical new food group. Carmen harvests Canadian crickets (acheta domesticus), raised on organic feed.

*Please note: Those with shellfish allergies are not recommended to consume crickets.

Instructor Bio:

Carmen Ostrander is an Australian foodie and ex delicatessen owner whose passion for produce leads to increasingly handmade, local and sustainable foods. Working with cricket protein over the last year, her aim has been to normalize cricket consumption, taking it out of the realm of novelty and into everyday use with simple savoury applications. These experiments have resulted in a range of cricket boosted salts and spice mixes (Acheta Foods) which are quietly making their way into the kitchens of future focused foodies around Vancouver.

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