20160925 Country Wines


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Sun, September 25, 2016 from 11:30am-2:30pm

While classic winemaking can be complex and time-consuming process, throughout history people have made simple wines out of whatever was plentiful at the time - fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, even tree leaves and nuts. This instructional workshop, intended for those with little to no winemaking experience, explores how to make small-batch country wines with minimum amounts of equipment, personal time, and expense. By the end of this workshop, you will have enough information and equipment to make a 5-bottle batch of a simple wine from start to tasty finish.

Instructor Bio:

Stuart Morris was first introduced to wine-making as a child by his parents, including their few nightmarish attempts at country wines that are still spoken of in hushed tones of horror at family gatherings. Decades later, he now knows what went wrong and how they could have fixed them. He currently has over four hundred bottles-worth of wine, country wine, sake, and mead bubbling around his house. Other active interests are the making of vinegar, sauerkraut, garum, cheese, pickles, all forms of charcuterie, canning, soap-making, beekeeping, culinary foraging, vegetable gardening, composting and soil conditioning, and faux vintage woodwork.


Please contact community@homesteadjunction.ca before purchasing a ticket for a child - we will check in with the instructor about age accessibility. 

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