20170311 Learning to Identify Mushrooms


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Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 2-4pm

Join mycologist Willoughby Arevalo in this workshop that intends to teach the core principles and skills of mushroom identification and ease the learning curve by clarifying broad concepts and offering tools to the beginner to intermediate mushroomer.

Topics include:

-Understanding the Language of Mycology – Common and Scientific
-Taxonomy: Macro to Micro, How Systems of Classification Change over Time
-Mushroom Anatomy and Macroscopic Features – Discerning with all the Senses
-Embodied Presence in the Mushroom Hunt
-Recognizing Habitats and Reading Ecological Roles
-Making and Reading Spore Prints
-Using a Dichotomous Key
-Stature Types, Major Groups and Species to Know
-Seasonality and Geographical Occurance
-The Mushroom Hunter’s Tools and Equipment
-Ethical Harvesting Practices
-Taking Field Notes
-Resources for Further Study

Instructor Bio:

Workshop teacher Willoughby Arevalo made friends with fungi at a young age. After studying fungal biology and identification at Humboldt State University, he learned mushroom cultivation experientially by working at the gourmet mushroom farm in his hometown of Arcata, California. As a member of the Radical Mycology Collective, he has taught about seeing and working with fungi across North America and co-organized several international educational gatherings including the Radical Mycology Convergence. He is a contributing author to the innovative book Radical Mycology by Peter McCoy. He moved to Vancouver in 2013 and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Mycological Society. He grows mushrooms at home and in the garden, subsistence forages and prepares food and medicine from the harvests. 

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