Intro To Cheese Making Kit


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An introduction to cheesemaking, in a box! With instructions for four types of fresh cheese (panir, ricotta, cream cheese, and chevre) and versatile ingredients that will take you through these recipes and more.

To get truly local cheeses, you almost have to make them yourself.  Most stores carry a handful of national brands when it comes to chevre, so it’s hard to purchase a fresh cheese that hasn’t traveled hundreds of miles.  When it comes to cream cheese, even the "natural" brands use additives like carrageenan and xanthan gum to produce a uniformly soft and spreadable texture that can withstand long-term storage.  These ingredients do nothing for you nutritionally, and, since they're extracted from imported plants, they greatly increase the food miles of your morning bagel.  Making your own cream cheese and chevre is so easy, you'll wonder why you ever bothered to buy them!  With just milk, cream, starter culture, and rennet you can have deliciously rich, fresh cheeses in just a day or two.  That's fast in the world of cheese-making! 

Ricotta and paneer are two of the best cheeses for new and aspiring cheesemakers because they’re extremely easy and require no special ingredients.  Ricotta and paneer are simple acid-coagulated cheeses, so they can be made with lemon juice or vinegar; most other cheeses are coagulated using rennet, an enzyme found in the fourth stomach of nursing calves.  If paneer or ricotta are the only cheeses you ever make, you can still truthfully tell your friends, coworkers, lovers, prospective lovers, and everyone else that you are a cheese maker!

 Included Ingredients:

  • 10g mesophilic bacterial culture
  • 15ml liquid rennet
  • 2 18”x18” pieces butter muslin
  • 1 cheese mould
  • step-by-step instructions


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