Dried Kombucha SCOBY by Cultures for Health


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If you're ready to start brewing kombucha immediately and can visit our store in person, we suggest our Fresh Kombucha SCOBYs. Otherwise, this is a fantastic alternative!

Brew delicious organic kombucha at home! Save money! Commercial kombucha sells for $3+ per bottle. Using a dried kombucha starter culture, brew your own kombucha for $2 per gallon or less. A kombucha starter culture consists of yeast and bacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship. When combined with sweetened tea and fermented for 7 to 30 days, the resulting kombucha beverage has a slightly carbonated zing and is packed full of B vitamins. 

  • Contains 1 dehydrated kombucha starter culture and 10 pH strips.
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.
  • Initial batch requires 30-day culturing time. Subsequent batches culture in 7-30 days.
  • Reusable culture; transfer the culture from batch to batch
  • With proper care, the culture can be used indefinitely to create delicious fermented tea
  • Easy to make; can be flavored in a variety of ways.


Ingredients: Organic sugar, Organic black tea, Live active cultures

This product contains no GMO ingredients.

Also available as a whole kit!


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