Drinking Jar Lids by Cuppow


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A great way to convert a mason jar into a handy to-go cup! Use it as is for hot drinks, or try one of our stainless steel onyx straws with it for cold beverages. Wide or standard mouth sizes available, fits onto the jar using the existing metal ring.

Cuppow is made from a carefully selected food safe plastic. It won’t stain or bend and it also boasts great environmentally friendly qualities including:

  • BPA Free
  • BPS Free (a popular BPA replacement with the similar concerns)
  • Phthalate Free

The plastic used is 100% recycled (from post-industrial sources) and is 100% recyclable. Because it’s recycled and recyclable (including the packaging!) every Cuppow is a part of a completely sustainable cycle that diverts waste from landfills. Made in the USA.

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