Eating Wildly - Ava Chin

$22.46 $29.95

In this touching and informative memoir about foraging for food in New York City, Ava Chin finds sustenance?and so much more.

Urban foraging is the new frontier of foraging for foods, and it?s all about eating better, healthier, and more sustainably, no matter where you live.?Time?named foraging the ?latest obsession of haute cuisine.? And while foraging may be the latest foodie trend, the quest to connect with food and nature is timeless and universal.

Ava Chin, aka the ?Urban Forager,? is an experienced master of the quest. Raised in Queens, New York, by a single mother and loving grandparents, Chin takes off on an emotional journey to make sense of her family ties and romantic failures when her beloved grandmother dies. She retreats into the urban wilds, where parks and backyards provide not only rare and delicious edible plants, but a wellspring of wisdom.

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