Fermentation Zine Part 2 - Food Ferments


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Keep this one close! This zine is a tool to be used in all of your food fermentation escapades. Contains recipes, thoughts, art and fun - sure to delight any homesteader's soul. Special thanks to the following people for making this zine a physical reality: - Kazlyn Bonner - Tarras Adams - Rick Havlak - Cassy Allan - Kelsey Cham C., Melissa Ratcliff Note on shipping: If you're ordering one or more zines and nothing else, and you'd like us to ship them to you, by default our shopping cart will charge you a parcel rate of around $8! We figured out a way around this. Here's how it works: Add this discount shipping product to your cart in addition to the 'zines. When you get to the checkout, update the quantity for the zine shipping item to match the number of zines you're ordering. Select "store pick up/ eticket" (free) as your shipping method. This will save you a few bucks!

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