Natural Dye Kit


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Using natural plant materials to dye fibres for clothing and decoration is an ancient and enduring practice.  Many common plants can be used to beautifully and permanently dye natural fibers; often, the results are pleasantly surprising, as when you use black beans and get a muted shade of blue. 

A common method for dyeing is to soak or boil the fibre with the colouring materials (“dyestuffs”) and a “mordant” to help bind the colour to the fibre.  Natural dyeing is gaining in popularity because of the high environmental costs of today's fashion industry.  In countries that manufacture clothing, the chemicals used to create artificially bright colours and bind them to synthetic fabrics not only endanger workers, they often find their way into aquatic ecosystems where they do tremendous damage. The problem is exacerbated by fashion’s seasonal disposability. 

When you take the time to dye your own fibres and fabrics, you won’t be so keen to replace your wardrobe every six months because you’ll have beautifully unique pieces made from long-lasting natural materials.

Included Ingredients:

  • 1L mason jar
  • 1 skein 100% wool yarn from Saturna Island
  • 1 tsp alum powder
  • 50g elderberrries

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