Natural Rennet Tablet - Pack of 20


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Natural rennet tablets - roll of 20. Made in Canada by WalcoRen. Our go-to rennet for home cheesemaking, due to the reliable performance, natural formulation, and long shelf life. 

From the manufacturer:

WalcoRen operates on the basis of the fact that natural rennet is inseparably linked to cheese as a biologically valuable foodstuff. Its composition, which contains a variety of natural enzyme complexes (chymosin, pepsin, lipases) with their typical amino acid sequences, cannot even be approximately copied nor replaced by any rennet substitute. The choice of the correct composition of natural rennet and rennet strength depends on many factors. Particularly decisive are the desired curdling time, maturing period, the quality of the milk and its pH value. WalcoRen’s range of products meets all requirements for all types of cheeses available on the market with our Veal Natural Rennet. The company also fulfils special demands for natural rennet made from stomachs sourced from specific areas, requests for goat and lamb rennet, and rennet without preservatives. 

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