Shave Soap Kit


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The daily routine of working shave soap into a fluffy, skin-enriching lather is an act of self-pampering rare in modern life. Canned shaving cream may be convenient, but it creates a lot of waste. Typically it's induced to rise into fluffy white mounds through the inclusion of petroleum-derived hydrocarbon gases and chemical surfactants like sodium laurel sulfate.

A shaving brush and a small bowl are all that's required to free you from a lifetime of sending spent shaving cream cans to the landfill.  In this kit, you'll see how simple, quick and economical it can be to make your own shave soap. 

Isn’t it time you put the romance back into shaving?

Included Materials:

  • 1x 200ml Weck jar
  • 2g Cocoa butter
  • 80g all-natural melt-and-pour soap base


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