Stimroot 25g

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The successful hormone formula that stimulates rapid rooting of cuttings.

Stimroot #2 - Medium Cuttings. For the rooting of semi-hardwood cuttings such as summer flowering shrubs, woody houseplants, Hoya etc. A semi-hardwood cutting may be defined as a cutting that requires secateurs or pruners to cut, without having yet developed bark.

Stimroot #3 - Hardwood Cuttings. Formulated to encourage quick establishment of roots on hardwood plants. Like other rooting hormones, will not make roots grow but enhances the plants ability to produce roots.

Instructions: place a small quantity of Stimroot in a smaller container. Dip lower 1 cm of your cutting into the powder, and then tap to remove surplus. Plant into rooting medium.

Stimroot, like other rooting hormones, will not make roots grow, rather it enhances the plants own ability to produce roots by supplying plant hormone at the point of rooting to help initiate root development.

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