The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking


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A long awaited book holding all the information you need to make your own dairy-free cheeses at home. The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking written by our workshop instructor Karen McAthy from the Blue Heron Creamery shares the in-depth knowledge that the author has obtained through years of experimenting and takes the reader on a route to discover the art of making vegan cheese. The book does not stop where most plant-based cheese recipes end but takes things one step further with instructions for firm and aged cheeses. The recipes are written step-by-step and many photos make them easy to follow.

The books chapters are as follows:

  1. Core elements of plant-based cheesemaking
  2. Equipment, sanitization, and food safety
  3. Making quick non-cultured cheeze
  4. Making and using plant-based cultures
  5. Fresh cultured cheeses
  6. Firm cheeses and cheese aging

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