Wick and Tab


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These pre-cut, pre-tabbed wicks make candle making easy! Choose your type and size - first number is thickness, second number is length in mm.

HTP - High Temperature Paper core wick suitable for all types of wax, including hard-to-burn beeswax. Flat 100% cotton braid with thin paper filaments intertwined. Self-trimming, controlled curling, & hotter flame.

LX - Wax-coated cotton wick, suitable for easily burned wax like soy wax or paraffin. It is designed to curl as it burns for a consistent burn with minimal trimming. Utilizes a unique flat braid that minimizes carbon buildupand are suitable for use in container candles.

RRD - Round cotton core wick with tension threads to give it a slight curl while burning and a centered burn pool. Directional capillary action provides a more constant rate of fuel flow. Effective in containers & pillars, and workswell with viscous waxes such as Soy and Vegetable waxes.

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